Web 3.0 Games Are Genius and Here’s Why.

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With huge investing firms and a large number of hard-working geniuses currently investing their lives in blockchain technology, crypto gaming mass adoption will happen whether we like it or not.

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Investing in Crypto Gaming

At the current state of the markets, the only thing holding a coin’s price from hitting rock-bottom in a bear market is its use case. And Crypto Gaming tokenomics are built in a weird self-sustaining way being immortal to sudden market all-time-lows. The main reason is that while the game is being played and crypto is being exchanged, demand is still high and so the prices stay less volatile.

The Interesting Path to Mass Adoption

As we know with typical video games, there are really two main ways to get people hooked into your video game and succeed. The first one is literally engraved in our brains. It’s the use of dopamine hooks. Dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter that basically makes us feel happy and fulfilled when doing something that it believes is good. By using dopamine to their advantage studios have been successfully sucking people's lives into their video games for many decades now.

But you cannot hook people if they don't even know that you exist.

The second way people get hooked is by their friends. Playing with other people is always more fun than playing alone. And by bringing people closer and making your users invite their friends to play along, you get compensated with free game-changing marketing.

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Benefits of Crypto in Gaming

  • Instant Transactions Inefficient middlemen and authorities are removed making transactions very straightforward.
  • Everyone Gets To Play With 0 geographical restrictions anyone with the ability to connect to the internet gets to play.
  • Real Ownership Over Your Items For The First Time Your codes=Your Crypto=Your Items.
  • Safe and Secure Crypto-styled security standards for 0 trust issues.
  • Hide Your Identity Your identity can stay hidden, it’s your option.

In Conclusion

Crypto gaming/The metaverse is here to stay and it is going to put a lot of pressure on AAA games game studios that want to snob it.




Just for fun.

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Apollon Tziatz

Apollon Tziatz

Just for fun.

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